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Chiropractic Therapy



When it comes to non-surgical solutions to back issues, chiropractors are an increasingly common choice, whether your primary problem is a pinched nerve, bulging disc or chronically pulled muscles. The growing confidence in chiropractic therapy to resolve these issues stems in part from the practitioner’s ability to provide a concentrated focus on the pain and stiffness, especially for lower back pain and its related problems. At South Coast physiotherapy, we proudly offer chiropractic therapy at our Brantford and Tillsonburg, ON locations.

First Visit

If you’ve come to your chiropractor without a reliable diagnosis, your sessions will begin with pinning down the reason for your pain. After taking your medical and family history, as well as discussing the nature and location of your pain, your chiropractor will palpate the area and ask you to perform certain range-of-motion moves in order to confirm the suspected problem. (He or she may also recommend X-rays in the case of an unclear diagnosis or suspected serious illness.)

After your diagnosis has been clarified, you and your chiropractor can come up with a treatment plan together, based on your lifestyle needs and current condition.

Common Practices for Low Back Alignment

Typically, you can expect your chiropractor to perform spinal adjustments and/or mobilization moves to help ease your lower back pain. These moves aren’t painful, although you might hear some minor “popping” sounds during the treatment. The aim is to correct your spinal alignment, so that pressure isn’t put on surrounding muscles, joints and nerves in your lower back.

Spinal Adjustments

Also known as manual manipulation, a spinal adjustment is performed by your trained practitioner, usually after you’ve been placed on the chiropractic table at a specific position. The chiropractor then makes a precise, quick move on specific vertebrae in your back, often to push them just beyond their current range of motion.

Spinal Mobilization

Spinal mobilization is often a counterpoint to the sudden movements used in spinal adjustments. Mobilization moves are especially useful to enhance joint function in your back. They can be done with handheld tools that emit low pulses, or via hands-on stretching of the muscles. Spinal mobilization is a useful alignment method either to complement the more firm spinal adjustments, or to replace them when the patient’s health or comfort level dictates more gentle methods.

Interested in Learning More About Easing Lower Back Pain?

Some patients are understandably nervous about spinal alignment techniques if they’ve never visited a chiropractor before.

To contact us in Brantford or Tillsonburg, ON center for an exam and consultation, so that we can discuss the simple, low-risk procedures that are right for Chiropractic therapy.