Clinic Update

On behalf of South Coast Physiotherapy team, I would like to thank you for using our new service “Virtual Care / Telehealth rehabilitation” during the closure due to COVID-19 pandemic. Our team of professionals ensured that quality health-care was provided to each and every patient through our internal virtual/tele health application.

Considering the current situation, we have planned to open our clinic for in person treatment effective May 19th, Tuesday for urgent care patients with “Acute or Chronic Pain, Front line workers and Post-op surgery”. Patients who chose to wait during the last couple months as the virtual session did not suit them can make use of this opportunity to book your appointments. Bookings will be limited, so please do not delay, speak to our front-desk to clarify all your questions and check if you qualify for an in-person treatment.

Call and book your appointments in your preferred location: 

  • West Brantford – (519) 304-8822
  • East Brantford – (226) 777-7133
  • Simcoe – (519) 428-1234
  • Tillsonburg – (519) 842-5162 

We started our “Virtual Care / Telehealth rehabilitation”, in an attempt to make the best use of technology and provide good care to our patients who were in pain. We certainly believe this has created a positive impact for us in our approach and were able to feel the treatment provided was effective to a large extent through our exercise app. We would highly encourage the patients who had this experience to share your feedback as we think this could help us serve you better as always. Your feedback might provide confidence for more people across the province to use our virtual care service who are unable to come in directly for the visits due to the pandemic.

Few months ago, terms such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), self-isolation, and social distancing were not very much used in our vocabulary. Today they are the primary words and center of most conversations and are all valid concerns. At South Coast Physiotherapy, we are very much aware of the changing situation and are continually keeping abreast. We want to keep all our patients informed of our present status and how we look to move ahead in the future to continue to serve the community. We want to assure you that new protocols will be in place for “Arrival and departure & Bookings and billings.” We worked diligently to procure the proper PPE to remain open through this time alongside our fellow frontline workers in our community. This means you will see the proper usage of professionally fitted N95 masks and face shields within our facility that is equipped with air purifier. Modifications are being made to our facility to account for physical distancing from everyone except the therapist, and proper screenings will be done to ensure a safe environment for both our valued patients and our team members. Please be assured that these changes fall within the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health and the College Of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

We will keep you posted about any changes through email and on our social media platforms. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Fahad Siddique

Founder, AMPT Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy